Friday, August 9, 2013

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box

Here's one for my girls.. make up is like a confusing world sometimes. A million things to prettify your face, but where to start and how much to spend? I know the consensus is you have to spend a lot to get quality make up. And although I do agree spending on better quality make up makes a difference, you don't always have to break the bank.

For example, I recently bought this palette from Urban Decay. I am one for bright colors on eyes, and this one was a perfect choice. Many bright eye shadows tend to look dull and flat once applied on the eyelid, but this palette remained true to color. Just a few strokes with the applicator and my eyes were bright and sparkly. The sand and dessert colors are great for shiny smokey eyes and blue and purple are vivacious and beautiful.

I stick with the browns and golds for my usual day to day getup, and the bright green/purple/blues for weekend gatherings and social outings. I always get compliments on this eye make up when I wear it out, and even without primer, it lasts a good 8 hours.

An experiment with the peace and ransom colors
The best part is this pallette is on sale at and only $10! Grab 'em while the getting's good.

For the price, practicality and quality
I give this palette 5 stars!!

Mio Lemonade Liquid Water

I love drinking water. But I understand that not everyone is the same. Hence, a variety of flavored waters are very popular because you basically have the goodness of water and a little taste to savor. One of these new and popular drink flavors is Mio. You may have seen them at the store and wondered what this little bottle is. It advertises flavor shots for 24 bottles.

I bought two for one at my local grocery store and eagerly squirted it in my water bottle the next day at lunchtime. I watched the water turn into a light tint of green. First sip and.. it was okay. I added another two squirts, and then it was perfect. If you closed your eyes and sipped it, you'd really think it was lemonade you're drinking.

So if you're tired of the taste of plain water and want to add some spice in your drink.. give MiO lemonade a shot. I will bestow 4 stars on this little package of goodness. I'd add a fifth one if it really only required one squirt to make it delicious. But that's just my two cents.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Silk Soymilk

I like mine plain, but vanilla is pretty good too.
It seems that today more and more people are becoming some form of lactose intolerant. Either that, or they are looking for less fatty, caloric, alternatives to whole milk. These days, not even 2% cuts it anymore. So many have turned to making that white creamy stuff we all love from something else. There's rice milk, almond milk, etc. My preference is Soymilk, and my favorite brand is Silk.

My stomach has never gotten along very well with whole milk, and after a while it had severe arguments with 2% as well. ;) My family turned to soymilk. The first brands we tried were standard store brand, 8th continent and Silk. Over the years we've tried other kinds, but I have to say, Silk still remains my delectable choice. It's the closest thing to milk since, well, milk. Other brands are not sweet enough or too watery. Silk maintains that integrity that we expect in a glass of milk with cookies on the side ;)

So if you're contemplating the big switch to non-lactose products or simply something a little friendlier on the scale, opt for Silk! I give this product four stars. I'd give it five if I enjoyed drinking it straight up. But we're not on that level of the relationship yet. ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Dollar Mall
As soon as I have money, the first thought the pops in my mind is shopping. Surely not the best one, but it's so fun to try new styles and strut new wardrobe. What many of us don't like, however, is having to walk around the whole store looking for something we like, dig through racks and racks, get pushed and shoved and then have to stand in agonizing long lines to pay for our stuff.

Then the most painful moment comes when you hand over your hard earned bills or the rectangular plastic frenemy over to the cashier who expressionlessly and without remorse stashes and swipes your hard work away. This my friends, is a traumatic experience. 

That's when I discovered 10 Dollar Mall googling "affordable clothes" online, I was beside myself. At last I found a store that charges reasonable prices for really cute, really trendy clothing. And the best part is the flat rate shipping. One item, $2.99 shipping cost. Anything from 2-500 items, $4.99. Amazing? I think so. Where does 10 Dollar Mall get their name from? From the fact that any item is $10 for less. Suddenly buying a new wardrobe doesn't feel like such a monetary sacrifice.

Many have worried that 10 Dollar Mall is too good to be true. And being almost scammed in the past by online  websites, I understand the feeling of worry when you stumble upon incredible prices online. However, my first order arrived 4 days after I purchased it, and I was thrilled. The shirts were true to size, great quality and very cute. I did however, notice that one shirt I ordered was notably missing. The customer service was quick and effective and my money was credited to my account in less than 48 hours. Needless to say, I became a loyal customer.

 Here's an incentive for my readers: on checkout use code "ninaworld" to get an extra 10% off! How about them apples!

                                    I rate this website and clothing 4.5 out of 5.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dove's Ultimate Go Fresh Cool Essentials

Deodorants these days can cost an average of $7-8. Click Here for average prices on deodorants.A good one , for us females that hate feeling sticky, sweaty, or smelly is usually above $5.

And the price at the pump these days is a bit much to be thinking about forking over nearly two gallons worth of cash for a small toiletry.

At last, I believe to have found a decent deodorant that does the job right and stays within average price range. The Dove Ultimate collection is long lasting and not overpoweringly odorous, like the baby powder smell that anyone can detect from a five mile radius. It has a clean, delightful aroma that can be whiffed if you draw close, but not intoxicating.

The best part? It's usually anywhere from $3.75 to $4.50. I used to wear Secret's Secret Expressions, but when they hit $7 a container I had to find something cheaper. I'm happy with my choice!  Here's a coupon if you want to try it out. Let me know what you think.

                                                                I give this product 3 1/2 stars.