Saturday, February 4, 2012

Silk Soymilk

I like mine plain, but vanilla is pretty good too.
It seems that today more and more people are becoming some form of lactose intolerant. Either that, or they are looking for less fatty, caloric, alternatives to whole milk. These days, not even 2% cuts it anymore. So many have turned to making that white creamy stuff we all love from something else. There's rice milk, almond milk, etc. My preference is Soymilk, and my favorite brand is Silk.

My stomach has never gotten along very well with whole milk, and after a while it had severe arguments with 2% as well. ;) My family turned to soymilk. The first brands we tried were standard store brand, 8th continent and Silk. Over the years we've tried other kinds, but I have to say, Silk still remains my delectable choice. It's the closest thing to milk since, well, milk. Other brands are not sweet enough or too watery. Silk maintains that integrity that we expect in a glass of milk with cookies on the side ;)

So if you're contemplating the big switch to non-lactose products or simply something a little friendlier on the scale, opt for Silk! I give this product four stars. I'd give it five if I enjoyed drinking it straight up. But we're not on that level of the relationship yet. ;)

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