Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Dollar Mall
As soon as I have money, the first thought the pops in my mind is shopping. Surely not the best one, but it's so fun to try new styles and strut new wardrobe. What many of us don't like, however, is having to walk around the whole store looking for something we like, dig through racks and racks, get pushed and shoved and then have to stand in agonizing long lines to pay for our stuff.

Then the most painful moment comes when you hand over your hard earned bills or the rectangular plastic frenemy over to the cashier who expressionlessly and without remorse stashes and swipes your hard work away. This my friends, is a traumatic experience. 

That's when I discovered 10 Dollar Mall googling "affordable clothes" online, I was beside myself. At last I found a store that charges reasonable prices for really cute, really trendy clothing. And the best part is the flat rate shipping. One item, $2.99 shipping cost. Anything from 2-500 items, $4.99. Amazing? I think so. Where does 10 Dollar Mall get their name from? From the fact that any item is $10 for less. Suddenly buying a new wardrobe doesn't feel like such a monetary sacrifice.

Many have worried that 10 Dollar Mall is too good to be true. And being almost scammed in the past by online  websites, I understand the feeling of worry when you stumble upon incredible prices online. However, my first order arrived 4 days after I purchased it, and I was thrilled. The shirts were true to size, great quality and very cute. I did however, notice that one shirt I ordered was notably missing. The customer service was quick and effective and my money was credited to my account in less than 48 hours. Needless to say, I became a loyal customer.

 Here's an incentive for my readers: on checkout use code "ninaworld" to get an extra 10% off! How about them apples!

                                    I rate this website and clothing 4.5 out of 5.

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