Friday, August 9, 2013

Mio Lemonade Liquid Water

I love drinking water. But I understand that not everyone is the same. Hence, a variety of flavored waters are very popular because you basically have the goodness of water and a little taste to savor. One of these new and popular drink flavors is Mio. You may have seen them at the store and wondered what this little bottle is. It advertises flavor shots for 24 bottles.

I bought two for one at my local grocery store and eagerly squirted it in my water bottle the next day at lunchtime. I watched the water turn into a light tint of green. First sip and.. it was okay. I added another two squirts, and then it was perfect. If you closed your eyes and sipped it, you'd really think it was lemonade you're drinking.

So if you're tired of the taste of plain water and want to add some spice in your drink.. give MiO lemonade a shot. I will bestow 4 stars on this little package of goodness. I'd add a fifth one if it really only required one squirt to make it delicious. But that's just my two cents.

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